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Our Objectives
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The establishment of objectives is an essential pre-requisite of the planning process. The future operations must be directed towards achievement of specific objectives. Objectives specify what an organization expects to achieve within a given period.  In carrying out its mandate, Taasisi SACCO will pursue the following broad objectives:The strategic issues and objectives deliberated under each pillar for action during the 2015 -2019 Strategic Plan period are as follows:
a) Financial Management Pillar
 Grow in a financially stable and sustainable manner by opening branches by 2019.
 Increase the capital base to Kshs 10 million by 2019.
 Improve financial management strategies and practices in line with SASRA Compliance Requirements.
 Full implementation of FOSA by 2019.
 Raise deposit by 100% by 2019.
b) Membership Pillar
 Position the SACCO as the financial service provider of choice for our present and potential members.
 Ensure SACCO membership grows by 200% annually (1000% by 2019)
c) Credit Management Pillar
 Adherence to the credit administration policies to maintain low delinquency
 Ensure full compliance and adherence with the approved credit administration policies.
Reduce and maintain a negligible percentage of delinquency.
d) Products and Services and Marketing Pillar
 Provide products and services that meet the needs of the members in an efficient and profitable way
 Improve marketing of the SACCO Products and Services
e) Governance and Human Resource Pillar
 Enhance the capacity of the Board to direct and oversee the business strategies and comply with the SACCO Act and Regulations.
 Improve the technical and management capacity of the management and staff to effectively implement business strategies as approved by the Board
f) Information Technology Pillar
 Enhance and optimize management information systems to provide reliable, timely and quality reports to aid decision making for improvement of services to members
g) Operations Pillar
 Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by strengthening the internal control systems




Membership & Statistics

The membership has grown due to sensitization within the K.I.E (Mother company) and demand for financial services. Today the total membership stands at two hundred members (200). We aim to always grow the members interest.

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