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Pre-Sales FAQs
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Find Our Most Frequent Questions Below

Are you looking towards joining Taasisi Sacco and not sure? Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions, for more information please feel free to Contact us through Contact Us Form.

Q: What is a savings and credit cooperative (SACCO)?
A: This is an organization whose objective is to pool savings from its members and in turn provide them with credit facilities. SACCOs also aim at encouraging thrift amongst their members and to guide them on prudent financial management and investment practices.

Q: What is a Share?
A: A share represents a unit of ownership with a SACCO. For example, Taasisi Sacco Society Ltd shares of Kshs. 10,000 indicated in your statement represents 100 shares of Kshs. 100 each and it’s your share ownership in the Sacco. This amount is not a monthly deduction but a one off separation from deposits. All Sacco Societies are now required by law to have minimum share capital and for our Sacco Kshs. 10,000.00 per member is the minimum.
Shares are not refundable upon resignation but are transferable to an existing Taasisi SACCO member. Shares are not used for loan eligibility calculation. Shares earn Dividend at the end of the financial year.
Members are encouraged to increase their share holding in the Sacco to reap more dividends. Dividends are declared during the Annual General Meeting and are calculated based on the shares of the member at the end of the previous year i.e. 31st December.
The rates at which dividends are paid depend on the profit made by the society as per the registered accounts. The dividends attract 5% withholding tax.

Q: What are deposits?
A: “Deposits” means accumulated sum of money contributed by the member on monthly to his/her Member Personal Account. Deposits are refundable once a member resigns.
Deposits earn interest at the end of the year.
The minimum monthly contribution is Kshs. 2,000.00

Q: After withdrawing from the society, am I allowed to rejoin?
A: Yes one can re-join the soonest he/she is ready and pay a rejoining fee.

Q: How often do you issue member's statements?
A: Statements are issued on a quarterly basis and on request

Q: If a member ceases to be an employee at K.I.C.D, can he/she continue to be a member?
A: Yes, one can continue being a member as long as they continue remitting Sacco dues.
Remittance can be done for both deposit and loan repayment by placing a standing order at the bank, making monthly cash deposits or Check off from the new employer .

Q: Can I do a partial withdrawal of my deposits if I don't have a loan?
A: Partial withdrawal of the deposits is out lawed unless one wholly resigns from the society.

Q: How soon can I get my Sacco Deposit refund after withdrawing from the society?
A: Deposits are refunded within 60 days.

Membership & Statistics

The membership has grown due to sensitization within the K.I.E (Mother company) and demand for financial services. Today the total membership stands at two hundred members (200). We aim to always grow the members interest.

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